A Yoga Practice to Relieve Low Back Pain - 53 minutes

This is a practice that I specifically designed for when you might be experiencing mild or severe low back pain. However, you also might enjoy the gentle nature of this practice as well as the leg and hip stretches contained in it, even when you aren't dealing with back issues. 

Before doing the practice, please have a folded blanket nearby. Optional props include a bolster or bolster equivalent and a folding chair. The folding chair is for a "Legs up the Wall" type of Savasana, because when the low back hurts, as you probably have experienced, reclining flat on the back doesn't feel good at all. The chair gives us a nice lift to the legs if the bolster doesn't feel high enough.

And please make the intention before your practice, that you will move slowly and carefully into and out of the poses while honoring your body in the most loving way.

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