Inhale Yoga Class - One Hour

I thought it would be a nice change of scenery to record a class from the studio. The video is a bit dark because we keep light low at the studio. But I feel that my verbal cues are strong enough so that even if the picture is not super vivid, you can still enjoy a good practice.

This is an "Inhale" class, which is more of an advanced practice because of the strength required and the depth to which we take some of the poses. Additionally there is not much of a focus on modifications. You are always welcome to take modifications as you need, but in an Inhale Class it is expected that the students have enough experience to participate in this level of class and to take their own modifications as needed. This is not a fast flow, the pace is moderate, but for the holds in certain poses it may challenge your strength and require greater flexibility too than a more moderate practice would.

I hope you enjoy it.