Assessments - How to make use of this benefit

"Yoga Assessments" will give you a chance to get some good feedback about your poses and your practice.

How does it work? Record a video of your practice and send it to me. The video should be no longer than one minute. I will view the video and reply with my impressions and suggestions. You can email the video to me directly, at [email protected] or you can send me the link to view in Google or as a Private Video on YouTube, whichever you prefer. I will also assess photos, but you will get more valuable feedback from a video. You are entitled to a minimum of one assessment a month, however, you may send more. I am only guaranteeing one per calendar month per student, but if I have extra time, I will be happy to give you additional assistance.  For the same reason of time management, the video should be no longer than one minute. If your video is longer I may only watch the first minute. When sending the video or link to me, be sure to label the email subject line as "Yoga Club" and to put your name in the body of the email. I never click on any link from an unknown source, so be sure to give enough information in your email that I know you are from Yoga Club. Give me a few days to watch and respond, but if you don't hear from me in a week, please double check to make sure I received your email.

Yoga Assessments are a valuable tool to assist your practice and your understanding of the poses. I encourage you to make use of this benefit and recognize that this is a tool for your growth and NOT a test or a judgement. It is common for Yoga instructors to make some individual adjustments to students in a class. Now you will have access to that same helpful support through your online studio.