Meditation - A 21 Day Journey

21 Different Techniques presented in 15 minute meditations to motivate and inspire your practice

Meditation is a practice that can reduce suffering in your life and increase your well-being by helping you understand the landscape of your own mind. Until you understand your own habits of thought you will remain a prisoner to those habits. Through the practice of meditation you can release the grip of these negative patterns and grasp the reins of your own mind. When you hold the reins, you are the one determining the direction of your mind, and thus, your own life.

This Journey will be beneficial to those new to meditation as it gives a wonderful introduction and progresses you gently into more challenging techniques. Seasoned meditators will also enjoy this refreshing renewal of their practice, introducing you to new techniques and helping you to escape the rut of redundancy in your practice.

The course is divided into three sections, each of seven days. The first week acclimates you into the practice with guided meditations. In the second week you will begin learning how to focus your awareness and discipline the mind to stay on your object of meditation. During the third week you will learn techniques that help you to understand your own tendencies and habits of thought and how you can work to loosen their grip and perhaps release them altogether.

You won't have to take this journey alone. I am here to help and guide you.

"Every time you sit in meditation, whether it is one minute or even just one breath, remember that you are releasing obscurations so that you can see more clearly only that which has been true all along. And yes, there are many techniques to release obscurations and to shed mistaken beliefs, but the best and easiest way is simply to remember your wholeness.

There has never been a moment of your life when Divine love has not pulsed through your spirit, not a single moment when you were not part of the whole and one with everything. Just breathe, and remember who you are. This is meditation. Just breathe."

Excerpted from "Perfect Meditation" by Jennifer Kathleen. Read the full article here

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Jennifer Kathleen
Jennifer Kathleen

I am a certified & experienced Yoga & Meditation Teacher, Singer/Songwriter, Music Teacher and Tarot Card Reader.

Born in the USA I am currently living in India, the birthplace of classical Yoga.

My intention is to empower clients to reach their highest good, for the highest good of all by helping them access their own innate wisdom and to let go of thought patterns that are no longer serving them. I believe in cause and effect (karma) and the Law of Attraction. The way you think about yourself and your life definitely shapes the kind of life you experience.Find out more on my website;

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